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Performance networks is a dynamic performance measurements model used widely by local authorities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Established in 1998, in response to the new demands and challenges facing local government from best value; today performance networks is the largest public sector benchmarking model of its kind, used by over 200 local authorities. With 17 consecutive years of management information available in the performance networks database; there is a wealth of cross service performance and trend data available to local authorities.

Website contents

The website is a performance networks resource and contains everything necessary to complete and submit your data.


The website contains the complete series of service area guidance notes manuals; data template and customer satisfaction survey (CSS) forms. These are available for members to download for the current benchmarking year. The documents on the website are updated on a rolling basis and so contain the most up to date guidance and information on the performance networks model. A general 'Frequently asked questions' (FAQ) section is also included on the website to answer any questions you may have.


Members are able to update their service profile data (SPT) and upload completed data submissions securely via an online file upload facility. Please note, that access to the website is restricted performance networks members only and requires both an authority reference and a password.

Planned development

As part of the ongoing performance networks development programme, APSE plans to extend the functionality of the website. Proposed new features include the ability for members to update their contact details, and to manipulate data across performance networks service areas and historically over time. Members will be able to create their own graphs or tables, choosing a bespoke comparator group from a variety of options. Performance networks aims to build maximum flexibility in to the system and will continually develop and add new functionality to the website.

For further information, please contact Debbie Johns at the APSE office.


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